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Ventilator Die and Cutter
Ventilator Die and Cutter
Ventilator Die and Cutter
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Ventilator Size
Modify Die to Fit Non-Standard Machines
We charge $10.00 to modify dies to fit certain machines. Scroll down to see if your machine is listed in RED, and type the name here:

Precision dies set metal ventilators in vinyl, leather, and fabric.  Cutter included.  3/4" and 1" diameter available.  Cutters can be re-sharpened, if necessary.  Ventilators available by request.

CHECK THE LIST!  Compatible machines are listed below.  If your machine is RED, your new die must be modified to fit it —the shank ("stem") must be turned to a smaller diameter.  We charge $10.00 for this service:
  • Defiance No. 1920
  • Defiance No. 23 Kick Press
  • Dyna-Line No. 1920 (and probably Lip Lok)
  • Osborne W-1 and W-3
  • Wade
  • Handy Jr. No. 1*** PLEASE READ BELOW
Ventilator dies fit Handy Jr. machines ONLY if the machine pin (piston) is replaced with an Osborne pin.  If you want to continue using button dies, you MUST also purchase an Osborne plateYou are essentially turning your Handy Jr. machine into an Osborne machine.  Your machine will function exactly the same and you can switch the old pin back at any time.

Your ventilator die must be modified to fit your Handy Jr. base.