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Rowley Co. Machine and Dies

No need to invest in additional equipment if you already own a Rowley machine and button dies!  Our button backs will work with your equipment as long as you pair them with low wall shells, either aluminum or rust-resistant.

#30, #36, #45, and #60 buttons are compatible for use in both medium and heavy Rowley button dies.  Rowley #24 dies are not industry standard but you may still be able to use them.  Here is a report from a knowledgeable customer who tested our #22 and #24 buttons with her Rowley medium and heavy #24 dies:

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE:  The author of the following used SMALL DIAMETER #22 backs; she may have used international standard #24 backs Śwe're not sure.  PLEASE request #22 and #24 samples in both diameters to test in your own Rowley dies!
  • #22 buttons - YES did work in the Rowley medium die but the fabric needed a little heft to it. I used a shirt weight cotton, napped sateen lining, and a light linen. They all worked although loosey goosey in the die and hard to tuck the back fabric around to get a real nice smooth button. With more practice and lining the fabric I'm sure they would look nicer.
  • #24 buttons - Top of button shell could fit into die with no fabric but with even a thin fabric it won't fit at all.  NO for Rowley #24 medium die.
  • #24 buttons - Worked fine in the Rowley #24 heavy die. YES
Another option is to purchase button dies from us and request that we turn them to fit your Rowley machine (no charge).  This is a great compromise if you want to offer customers a greater range of sizes, but don't want to invest in another machine.  You will also be able to use any type of shell we stock.  However, please note we are unable to increase the inside diameter of dies turned for Rowley machines because the new outside diameter will be very narrow.

If unsure, please request samples before you place that big order!