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Flat Back
Flat Back
Flat Back
***NEW SIZING STANDARD for #16–22 (see info below)
Flat Back - 20 pieces
Flat Back - 1 GR (144)
Flat Back - 5 GR (720)
Make your own specialty back! Also known as collets, flat backs are ideal for thumbtacks, pins, earring posts, hair elastics, brass fasteners, binder screws, refrigerator magnets, and pendants. Consider adding cardboard inserts to help secure findings. Use wherever a flat surface is desired. *** SEE BELOW

Perfect for use with adhesive; hole provides "tooth" for improved grip. Hole diameters vary and are as follows:
  • #16, #18, #20 = varies (but holes are proportionally wider than on other sizes) – AL only, and work best with AL shells.
  • #22, #24, #40 = 1/8"
  • #30 = 5/32" and 3/16"
  • #36, #45, #50, #60, #80 = 3/16" (#36 and #45 also in stock with 1/8" hole —please specify at checkout)
3/16" holes are compatible with standard #24 snap posts.

Button shells (fronts) sold separately. Also fits most Rowley button dies when paired with low wall shells, either aluminum or rust-resistantplease check our Rowley link for specifics.

*** Before you use your new flat backs...  PLEASE READ!!!

We stock flat backs that meet international standards in all sizes. We also stock small diameter backs in limited sizes for customers who prefer them, and as a low-cost option to purchasing a HUX die for heavy fabrics.  IF YOU ORDERED #22 IN THE PAST, CALL TO MAKE SURE YOU'RE GETTING WHAT YOU WANT.

Unmodified Wade #22, and Osborne and newer C & C Metal #16, #18, #20, and #22 button dies have inside diameters that are slightly smaller than international standard.  This means that standard diameter backs are too big for these brand dies in these sizes; dies must be modified to fit smaller flat backs.  We once offered this as a complimentary service but rising machining costs no longer permit it.  Please contact us for details.

If you own an unmodified Wade, Osborne, or newer C & C Metal #22 die, you must select the "small diameter" option and be prepared to bulk up your fabric.  For other brand dies, small diameter #22 flat backs may be used as a low-cost option to purchasing a HUX die for heavy fabrics.

Appearance may vary slightly from size to size.  Small hole flat backs tend to be shinier.  As always, please request samples if appearance or hole diameter is important to you.