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Decorative Rim
Decorative Rim
Decorative Rim
Item Id: RIM
Rim - 20 pieces
Rim - 1 GR (144)
Rim - 5 GR (720)
Button rims add sophistication and elegance to finished buttons... or old-timey charm, depending on fabric.  Perfect for antique, vintage, and steampunk impressions.  Appropriate for ferrotype, lithograph, and daguerreotype button reproductions.

Solid brass or nickel-plated brass. 
Compatible with all shell profiles:  standard, flat, or low wall.  No longer in production, so we made them.  WB Exclusive!

American rim setting dies haven't been in production for decades.  Very sadly, the last custom die maker1 left in the industry died in 2015—as far as we know, his antique tooling has been sold for scrap.  Old rim setting dies sometimes appear on eBay, but rims can also be set using a variation of an old German method:

Place a rim on a finished button and place upside-down into a HUX die.  Proceed as if making a button, and your rim is set!  We generally have better luck if the button was made with a HU die, but as always... experiment first.  German button makers made rimmed buttons all in one motion:  HUX die + button parts + fabric + rim.  Regretfully, nobody here has been able to master their technique... but maybe you can!

1Rest in peace, Puzant "Tony" Buzantian.  A consummate engineer, an honorable man, and a good friend.  You are deeply missed.