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Hopper Back
Hopper Back
Hopper Back - 20 pieces
Hopper Back - 1 GR (144)
Hopper Back - 5 GR (720)
Patented in 1869 for use in automatic "hopper" machines, hence the name.  Sometimes called a self-shank or molded button because the shank and back are one piece.  Sits lower than wire eyes and commonly used when a lower profile button is desired.  Very popular for custom and ready-to-wear modern apparel.

We stock aluminum and rust-resistant hopper backs as available from the factory.  Additional sizes and materials may be available by special order—please call.  Some RR sizes are stocked in black; #45 RR hopper backs are also stocked in gold. *** SEE BELOW

Aluminum hopper backs must be paired with aluminum shells and are not be suitable for heavy fabrics.  RR hopper backs may be paired with either aluminum or RR shells (Standard or Low Wall)—test for best results.

Fits Rowley button dies when paired with low wall shells, either aluminum or rust-resistant —as always, please ask for samples to be sure.

Button shells (fronts) sold separately. Hopper backs are possibly the descendants of solid cast ("cast block") hollow-back CSA buttons.  We're not saying hopper backs are authentic to the American Civil War, but if you're desperate...

*** Before you use your new hopper backs...  PLEASE READ!!!

Unmodified Wade #22, and Osborne #16, #18, #20, and #22 button dies have inside diameters that are slightly smaller than standard, meaning backs from other factories (like hopper backs) tend not to fit.  Most other American dies work just as they are.  Wade and Osborne dies must be modified to fit smaller hopper backs.  We once offered this as a complimentary service but rising machining costs no longer permit it.  Please contact us for details.