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Grommet Die and Cutter
Grommet Die and Cutter
Item Id: DIE-GR
PLAIN Grommet Die
SPUR Grommet Die
Self-Piercing Grommet Die (PLAIN)
Precision machined from high quality hardened steel.  Blued for durability.  Choose either plain, spur, or self-piercing plain grommet die.  Plain and spur grommet die sets include cutter.  Cutters may be re-sharpened, if necessary.  Self-piercing plain dies (when used with self-piercing grommets) eliminate the need for pre-punched holes —no cutter required.

Grommet die sets are fully adjustable:  simply tighten or loosen the upper die to accommodate different materials.

Spur grommets are generally used for heavy canvas work; we recommend plain grommets for most common applications.  Self-piercing grommets are plain, but made from a heavier gauge to facilitate the set.  All types of grommets available by request.

NOTE:  Sometimes a little more "oomph" is required to set larger grommets.  Many customers achieve more leverage by slipping a length of PVC pipe over the machine handle.

Please indicate your machine brand in "Comments" section at check-out.  We will turn the stem of your new die to fit the following machines, if necessary, at no charge:
  • Defiance No. 1920
  • Defiance No. 23 Kick Press (with slight modification)
  • Dyna-Line No. 1920 (and probably Lip Lok)
  • Osborne W-1 and W-3
  • Wade
  • Handy Jr. No. 1*** PLEASE READ BELOW

*** = Grommet dies will fit Handy Jr. machines ONLY if the machine pin (piston) is replaced with an Osborne pin.  If you want to continue using button dies, you MUST also purchase an Osborne plateYou will essentially be turning your Handy Jr. machine into an Osborne machine.  Your machine will function exactly the same and you can switch the old pin back at any time.

*** = If you replace your Handy Jr. pin with an Osborne pin... we MUST modify grommet dies so that they will fit into your Handy Jr. base.  PLEASE let us know in the "Comments" section at check-out that you have a Handy Jr. machine with an Osborne pin.