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Cloth (Canvas) Back
Cloth (Canvas) Back
Canvas Back AL - 20 pieces
Canvas Back AL - 1 GR (144)
Canvas Back AL - 5 GR (720)
A historic button style that actually predates wire eyes, in which a small piece of canvas serves as the shank.  Sometimes called a pad back or pad shank button, this is the traditional bridal button.  Canvas backs can be sewn very quickly in long rows.  Also used when a very low shank is desired, especially for decorative applications because the canvas can be pressed flat after attachment.  Excellent for doll clothes, christening gowns, and period costumes. *** SEE BELOW

American canvas backs are no longer in production so we found a German factory to make them for us!   We are currently stocking #16, #18, and #20 in plain aluminum only (RR is no longer in production anywhere in the world); we will consider other sizes (and black) if there is interest.
  WB Exclusive!

Button shells (fronts) sold separately.

Aluminum canvas backs must be paired with either low wall aluminum or ultra low aluminum shells.  Low wall works well with most fabrics but ultra low might be a better choice for some fussy synthetics.  Please ask for samples!

*** Before you use your new canvas backs...  PLEASE READ!!!

Osborne #16, #18, #20, and #22 button dies have inside diameters that are slightly smaller than standard, meaning backs from other factories (like canvas backs) tend not to fit.  Most other American dies work just as they are (please request samples to test).  Your Osborne die must be modified.  We used to offer this as a complimentary service but rising machining costs no longer permit it.  Please contact us for details.