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Button Die and Cutter
Button Die and Cutter
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Button Die Size
Inside Opening
Standard American half-ball set includes top and bottom dies, cutter, and pusher. Die pieces are nickel-plated tempered steel. Select one of the following:
  • HU (medium duty) for most fabrics and thin leather—default option.
  • HUX (heavy duty) for very heavy upholstery fabric, leather, and heavy vinyl—thick leather might be too much even for HUX dies (maybe it's time for a splitting machine?)
Enlarge the opening of your die for an additional cost (#30 and larger only). Many craft applications; essential for thick hair elastics. Does not affect function of die.

Unfortunately, dies modified to fit Rowley machines can NOT be modified further.  Their diameter can NOT be enlarged.

Osborne #16, #18, #20, and #22 button dies have inside diameters that are slightly smaller than standard.  We resize these dies to meet modern sizing standards so that buttons from other factories can be used.  This modification does not affect the function of the die in any way.  If you purchased a #16, #18, #20, or #22 Osborne die from Workroom Buttons prior to February 2014, please contact us to arrange complimentary service.
Please indicate your (***) machine brand in "Comments" section at check-out—we will modify these dies to fit (no charge).
  • Banner Master
  • Defiance No. 1920
  • Defiance No. 23 Kick Press
  • Dyna Line No. 1920
  • Gameco (Antonio Gaviria y Cia)
  • Handy Jr. No. 1
  • Handy Jr. No. 20
  • KAM***with some machine modification (please call for information)
  • #73-Lip Lok
  • #77-Lip Lok
  • Maxant
  • Osborne W-1 (manual) and W-3 (pneumatic)
  • Rowley***optional "Rowley Crimp Button Setter Adapter" required
  • Wade W-1
*** = We will modify die to fit these machines (no charge).  Please note your brand at check-out.

Cutters can be re-sharpened, if necessary.  Dies also available without cutters—please ask.

Our (Very Basic) Button Machine Tutorial
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