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Button Die and Cutter Set
Button Die and Cutter Set
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Button Die Size
Modify Die to Fit Non-Standard Machines
We charge $10.00 to modify dies to fit certain machines. Scroll down to see if your machine is listed in RED, and type the name here:

Inside Opening
Complete standard American half-ball set includes top and bottom dies, cutter, and pusher. Die pieces are nickel-plated tempered steel. Select one of the following:
  • HU (medium duty) for mid-weight fabric, lined lightweight fabric, and very thin leather—recommended for most fabrics.
  • HUX (heavy duty) for heavy upholstery fabric, leather, and thick vinyl—thick leather might be too much even for HUX dies (maybe it's time for a splitting machine?)
#16, #18, and #20 dies are only available as HU, but... you can cheat!  Use small diameter 44-wire eyes if you're using thick or bulky materials with these sizes to produce a HUX-like result.

CHECK THE LIST!  If your machine is listed in RED, your new die must be modified to fit it —the shank ("stem") must be turned to a smaller diameter.  We charge $10.00 for this service:
  • Banner Master
  • Defiance No. 1920
  • Defiance No. 23 Kick Press
  • Dyna Line No. 1920
  • Gameco (Antonio Gaviria y Cia)
  • Handy Jr. No. 1
  • Handy Jr. No. 20
  • #73-Lip Lok
  • #77-Lip Lok
  • Maxant
  • Osborne W-1 (manual)
  • Osborne W-3 (pneumatic)
  • Rowleyoptional "Crimp Button Setter Adapter" from Rowley required
  • Wade W-1

Small Diameter vs. International Standard

Osborne #16, #18, #20, and #22 button dies come out of the factory with inside diameters that are slightly smaller than standard.  We modify these sizes in-house to meet international sizing standards.  We are the ONLY Osborne partner that provides this service.

Enlarge Inside Opening

• Enlarge the opening of your die for $10.00 (#30 and larger only). Many craft applications; essential for thick hair elastics. Does not affect function of die. Does not enable die to accommodate thicker materials unless die is HUX.

• Unfortunately, dies turned to fit Rowley machines can NOT be modified further. Their openings can NOT be enlarged.

Be prepared to clean your new cutter as the manufacturing process may leave a film of oil. Cutters can be re-sharpened when necessary.

Our (Very Basic) Button Machine Tutorial (click on image to advance)
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